Douglas Bay Horse Tramway

Douglas Bay Horse Tramway

Operates only in summer

City: Douglas, Isle of Man (United Kingdom).
Total route length: 5.7 km (3.5 miles).

Track gauge: 914 mm.
Closed: 2021 because of rebuilding.
Reopened: August 7, 1876.
Closed: September 30, 1939 because of war.
Reopened: May 22, 1946.
Closed: September 14, 2014 because of renovation.
Reopened: April 30, 2016.
Closed: March 19, 2020 because of COVID-19.
Reopened: July 30, 2022.

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Other tram companies in Douglas, Isle of Man

Manx Electric Railway Society (MERS)
Operates only in summer

Douglas Southern Electric Tramway

Tram museums in Douglas, Isle of Man

MER Museum
Open regularly

Tram lines in operation

Douglas, Isle of Man tourist line Horse Drawn Trams
Operates only in summer

Discontinued tram lines

Douglas, Isle of Man funicular

Douglas Bay Horse Tramway stops

Select: Clock Tower and Broadway, Derby Castle, Douglas Head, Douglas Promenade, Port Soderick, Ramsey, and Sea Terminal.

Current trams in operation

Cable car: 72.

Horse tram: 4, and 18.

Open horse tram: 21, 32, 33, and 35.

Former trams in operation

Open horse tram: 14.

Operation times

See the official operation times.

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Douglas Bay Horse Tramway
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The Douglas Bay Horse Tramway
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